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ТЦ «Миллениум» (Фрунзе 1/4, фис 408)
Филиал : Иркутская,1

Семинар-тренинг "Вводный экспресс курс итальянского яз. с док. Марио Павези"

Даты проведения: 05.04.2013  и 12.04.2013 с 19 00 — 20.30. По адресу ул.Интернациональная 6 каб 120

Участники: все желающие, интересующиеся итальянской культурой и языком, преподаватели ин.яз, лингвисты, филологи
Вод: бесплатный. Заявки принимаються: до 04. 04.2013


The Center for Linguistic Initiatives of the State Pedagogical University of Omsk is happy to inform you that we have as our guest, for a short period, Dr. Mario Pavesi, from Italy. Dr. Pavesi has been a teacher since more than 40 years ago, in universities in South America and Italy. In Russia, he has been involved with the teaching of Italian language and culture in St. Petersburg and Omsk, and his students have always achieved remarkably good didactic results.

Dr. Pavesi has a long experience of travelling, working and consulting around the world, and has been confronted with many cultures and languages — several of which he studied (he's specially fluent in English, Spanish and French, apart from his mother tongue Italian). He particularly admires Russian culture, art and history, and that, together with the wish to practice the Russian language, is what brought him to our town.

Now, in turn, Dr Pavesi is willing to provide Omsk students with an opportunity to approach Italian language and culture.

To give a first taste of what Italian is like, Dr. Pavesi will offer a short introductory course in two lessons, where he'll teach how to read and pronounce correctly Italian words, and give some other essentials hints of the language. Lessons shall take place at 19:00 on Friday, April 5 and April 12.

That introducutory course shall be free, for all those who are seriously interested in the subject, and are considering attending a full course — which shall take place this coming October and November.

For further informations, contact the CLI at OmSPU, Omsk, ulitsa Internatsionalnaya 6, tel.248391.


PERCHE' STUDIARE L'ITALIANO? (why to study Italian?)

Italian is not the most widely spoken language, nor the most useful to travel and do business with (that distinction goes to English); but for sure, it is among the most loved ones. It is Dante's language, a tongue of art, poetry, music. It isn't just by accident if musical technical terminology is Italian: allegro, andante, lento… and Italian itself is a musical language (because words end in vowels, and stress in sentences is very rhythmic). Italian is opera's language; and if a singer is good, you tell him the Italian word "Bravo!".

Knowing the language will allow you to better penetrate the secrets of the Italian soul and lifestyle. And if you plan to visit Italy, it will give you a strong chance not to be just one of the many tourists from Russia — it will be the key to communicate with local people and make of your stay there a far more enriching experience. You'll see how much more friendly and pleasant Italians can be, when they find a foreigner who speaks their language.

Italian is not the easiest language in the world, but neither is it so difficult. English is easier grammar-wise, but much more difficult in pronunciation, and that can be a great obstacle when trying to communicate.On the contrary, Italian pronunciation is quite similar to Russian, so with just a little care, a Russian can speak Italian with a good accent, and make himself understood better than other foreigners, even in case he makes mistakes. Many Russians speak with such a perfect accent, that they can be mistaken for Italians; an English or a French could never achieve that result, even spending years in Italy.

ARRIVEDERCI VENERDI'! (see you this Friday!) ...and see you at the full course in October!

Mario Pavesi

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