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ТЦ «Миллениум» (Фрунзе 1/4, фис 408)
Филиал : Иркутская,1

An Englishman in Omsk

I first visited CLI with my English friend and colleague Peter Scott to do an informal talk for some enthusiastic young students. Peter had been teaching here for several years, but was preparing to head home after his work placement. I was immediately impressed with the setup at CLI and the friendliness of the staff and students, so I volunteered to step in where Peter had left off!

I found the teachers at CLI to be modern in their methods and enthusiastic in their classrooms. Whenever I called in to conduct a group discussion or help out with an English contest, my colleagues always had a hot cup of tea and a few interesting questions waiting for me! I think that’s the key to being a good English teacher — always wanting to develop and learn more about the language. I found my colleagues at CLI both knowledgeable and eager to learn new things.
While at CLI I also helped with out-of-town events, which were organised in the fresh air of the Siberian countryside. We thought up interesting activities and games to encourage students to speak English and created activities to immerse them in the language. The success of these events was largely due to the energy and drive of CLI manager Elena Ivanovna, who was a constant source of enthusiasm throughout. I really enjoyed these events and am sure the students benefitted from them greatly. I know many more are planned for the future!
Unfortunately, it’s now my turn to leave Omsk and I will be a little sad to go. After 3 years here, I have many friends, colleagues and wonderful students. All of this has made my time in Siberia rewarding and worthwhile. I look forward to visiting again in the future and will be sure to drop into CLI and say hi to everyone at this great school!
Alex Jude is a British English teacher and linguistic. He loves Russia, speaks Russian and has been living here for 10 years. He now has an interesting new online project to help Russians study English online while learning about the similarities and differences between our languages and cultures in Russia and the UK. You can read all about it here: www.englishinrussia.ru 
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